Up Close and Member-able Podcast

Jim and Kim Maffia on the Up Close and Member-able podcast

Time to get Up Close and Member-able with Jim and Kim Maffia, founders of Kendall’s Kindness, as they share their journey of loss and love that inspired them to honor their daughter, Kendall, who was known for her acts of kindness.

5K Memorial Birthday Walk

5 K Walk Kendalls Kindness

Watch a video from this year’s Kendall’s Kindness memorial birthday walk, as well as a recap video from last year’s walk.

Kindness on the 12th

Great things are happening on the 12th of each month to help us spread Kendall’s Kindness! 1. Students and facility at D303 Wild Rose Elementary wore new T-shirts with “Choose […]

Kendall’s Kindness Jewelry by Chrissy Creates

Kendalls Kindness Jewelry

Chrissy Creates has Kendall’s Kindness Jewelry in her Etsy Shop to help raise awareness and support Kendall’s Kindness. Chrissy writes: Kendall’s Kindness came naturally as she was always making cookies […]

St. Charles East Hope Week

St Charles Hope Week

St. Charles East Hope Week April 17th – 21st, 2023.  Approximately 2,100 students pictured here are wearing Hope T-Shirts displayed with Kendall’s Kindness & Kayla’s Hope logos.