Kindness on the 12th

Great things are happening on the 12th of each month to help us spread Kendall’s Kindness!

1. Students and facility at D303 Wild Rose Elementary wore new T-shirts with “Choose Kindness Wild Rose Panthers” on the front & Be the reason someone smiles today” on the back. These will be worn each month on the 12th and throughout the year for special events! Many kindness activities have also been planned each month. Thank you Theresa for making this happen!

2. Claire and Tracey wore T-shirts with the Spanish and English version of “Be the reason someone smiles today” at the U46 district office and elementary school. They are hoping to initiate a kindness program into their K-12 student wellness curriculum. Thank you!!

3. On the 12th of each month it is “Be Kind 12 Day” at Horry County Memorial Library in Surfside Beach, South Carolina. Our kindness makes a difference poster, Kendall’s Kindness cards and doughnuts are available. Thank you Andrea!

Be kind 12 day images