Taylor Briar, 2023 Scholarship Recipient

Taylor Briar 2023 Kendall's Kindness Scholarship Recipient

Hi I’m Taylor Briar! I’m honored to be chosen as the very first recipient of the Kendall’s Kindness scholarship. I have danced competitively for 15 years and am currently attending Chapman University and plan to graduate with a BA in Dance in the spring of 2027. Getting to know Kendall’s family has been a pleasure and I’m so very thankful that they chose me to be the first recipient of the Kendall’s Kindness Scholarship!

“Dear Maffia Family,

I am very honored and grateful to have been awarded the Kendall’s Kindness Scholarship. The more I read and learn about Kendall and her journey, the more thankful I am to be given this particular scholarship. People describe Kendall as talented, kind, thoughtful and other very positive attributes. To be hand picked by Kendall’s family as someone they think resembles Kendall’s character is something I am very flattered by.

This scholarship is going to help aid me as I further my education to become a professional dancer. I am attending Chapman University this fall which is a private school. I will be using this scholarship to help pay the tuition to lessen my amount of student loans. I am so very grateful. Thank you.

Forever Grateful, Taylor Briar”